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Hugo Sandbox

This is an unofficial Hugo sandbox site to try to replicate possible bugs in hugo.

It is updated automatically after each commit to the hugo-sandbox repo. It was last updated on Feb 04, 2019 17:56 UTC.

This page was created/modified in commit cf4db09 "Add image credit, caption and creator in front-matter" on 2018-03-21.
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Generated in emacs (Credit: meme.el)
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home The home page /index.html
page A page showing a regular page my-post page (/posts/my-post/index.html)
section A page listing regular pages from a given section posts section (/posts/index.html)
taxonomy A page listing regular pages from a given taxonomy term page for the term awesome from tags taxonomy (/tags/awesome/index.html)
taxonomyTerm A page listing terms from a given taxonomy page for the tags taxonomy (/tags/index.html)


Post 2

(Last modified on Thu Nov 2, 2017)

Post 2 contents

Post 1

(Last modified on Thu Nov 2, 2017)

Post 1 contents

Overriding Org-style tags

(Last modified on Thu Nov 2, 2017)

By using EXPORT_HUGO_TAGS in the property drawer, Org tags in the current headline (“this_tag_wont_apply”) and the inherited one (“alpha”, “beta”, “hyphenated-tag”, “super”) will get overridden. When setting categories via the keyword #+HUGO+CATEGORIES or the subtree property EXPORT_HUGO_CATEGORIES, do not add the “@” prefix.

Org Source Block

(Last modified on Thu Nov 2, 2017)

Test case for the case where user has set org-hugo-langs-no-descr-in-code-fences to a list containing the element org. As this variable is dependent on user’s config, this post is not set to be exported by default. The issue with Hugo will be seen if: pygmentsCodeFences = true is set in the Hugo site config.toml, a source block’s language is set to one that’s not supported by Pygments (like org, and thus the below example with source code language set to org), and org-hugo-langs-no-descr-in-code-fences is set to a value not containing that lanaguage descriptor (org in this case).

Org Babel Results

(Last modified on Thu Nov 2, 2017)

str = 'a\tbc' print(str[1:])bc The whitespace before “bc” in the results block above should be preserved.

No Spaces in tags

(Last modified on Thu Nov 2, 2017)

No Spaces in categories

(Last modified on Thu Nov 2, 2017)

Multi-line footnote

(Last modified on Thu Nov 2, 2017)

This is some text1. This is a long footnote. It is so long that it gets auto-filled over multiple lines. But even then it should be handled fine. [return]

Multi-line bold

(Last modified on Thu Nov 2, 2017)

This works fine as the bold sentence does not include a newline. This is a sentence that should render completely in bold. It is broken across multiple lines (in Org source) because of auto-filling. But that should not break the bold rendering. But it does by default. If you do not see the above paragraph completely in bold, have below in your emacs config to fix it: (with-eval-after-load 'org ;; Allow multiple line Org emphasis markup.

Inheriting tags

(Last modified on Thu Nov 2, 2017)

If user specifies tags to the post subtree headline, those tags get added to the set of default tags set in #+FILETAGS (and the ones inherited). For the inheritance of tags from parent headlines and #+FILETAGS to work, org-use-tag-inheritance needs to be set appropriately if changed from the default value of t. These tags are collected together and assigned to the Hugo tags front matter variable for this post. When setting categories via Org-style tags, prefix the tags with “@”.

This site is generated using the ox-hugo package for Emacs/Org-mode + hugo-bare-min-theme + Hugo 0.54-DEV (commit dff8c199, using Chroma commit d5ca12b) .

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